Payment Policies

Method of paying school fees

  •  Direct payment to the Academy fund in cash or by bank checks.

High level co. for education

Islamic international arab bank Account #38233/ 500 Gardens ‘Branch

Safwa Islamic Bank Account #201642/ 213 Jubeiha ‘Branch

  • Through Visa card.
  • Direct payment to the Academy fund in cash or by bank checks.

School fees payment procedures

  • Please check early payment discount page here.
  • If a cheque is failed to be collected, early payment deduction will be cancelled , and the Academy has the right to ask the parent for its value.
  • The first installment is 25% of the value of tuition fees to be paid before 20/8 of the academic year.
  • The number of the remaining installments must not exceed five installments supported by bank checks or bills of exchange provided that the fees for the first semester are fully paid before 30/12 of the academic year. The final installment must paid before April, 30.
  • In case one of the checks could not be collected all discounts on tuition fees will be cancelled for that academic year.
  • Installments are possible through one of the following banks: (Islamic international arab Bank, Jordan Islamic Bank, Safwa Islamic Bank).
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