Director’s Word


In the name of Allah the most Merciful

We all hope that our new academic year will be full of knowledge and full of useful learning in an atmosphere of joy accompanying our sense of the progress and development of our students.

Year after year, High Level Academy grows, and with it, the ambition expands for a higher level of educational and valued performance that prepares students for a life full of challenges.

The participatory relationship between the Academy and the parents is the guarantee of the success of the educational process, which gives us the opportunity to achieve the highest results because it builds bridges of trust and enables the two parties to unify efforts in the interest of the students.

Respect for the teacher today and tomorrow is the basis of any successful educational work. The teacher is a messenger to impart knowledge and to teach it. He is the educator who prepares generations to be qualified to lead the future. Every situation or moment detracting from his worth, stature, and effort means that we have lost part of our children’s future and present.

On the other hand, he is a human being who makes mistakes but he works hard to be right, and it is not wise to prosecute him despite our belief in the amount of the educational and societal pressures and responsibilities that the teacher bears on his shoulders, so may God reward the teachers in this time and in every time for what they gave and present to be in our scientific and practical positions today, and He forgives them for what they had whether a slip or a mistake, as perfection belongs to Allah alone, and all the sons of Adam are wrong doers.

We rejoice in every student who joins our family, and we welcome every effort that supports us in the performance of our mission. We seek to develop our educational performance and see what is new, and we ask Allah for success, reward and assistance.

Dr. Majdi AL- Darras
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