Director’s Word


In the name of Allah the most Merciful

In light of the increasing challenges and rapid changes in the world around us, we can say that the traditional learning models and methods are hitting their use-by-dates. Education should now ensure increasing the potential for learning and teaching through collaboration with peers and experts regardless of location. It should also ensure updating workspaces to increase productivity; and providing unlimited access to educational resources, regardless of location or device. 

Based on the above inputs, High Level Academy has incorporated technology progressively to expand and enhance student learning opportunities by adopting the “Blended Learning” model in education, starting from the scholastic year 2020-2021. Blended learning harnesses the speed, power and ubiquity of digital capability. It adds up to an accelerated, personalized and transformed learning experience that puts the learner squarely in the driver’s seat. 

Through the use of different devices, teachers are swapping out old models of standardized learning-by-memory for dynamic, personalized, and self-directed learning experiences for students. 

Through blended education model teachers can guide the learning experience of individual students, and customize material wherever possible to strengthen the learning experience. Blended learning model also increases student engagement and collaboration by individualizing and differentiating the instruction. All the stakeholders of the educational process (school, students and parents) should collaborate their efforts to make our experience a success story.
Dr. Majdi AL- Darras
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