Director’s Word


In the name of Allah the most Merciful

I write first to acknowledge the extraordinary challenging year that we have all endured due to the pandemic of Covid 19.
A brighter year with new inspiration is ahead. We are looking forward to a productive year where everyone will ensure that our children can achieve their highest potential.
Few weeks ago, we witnessed a new perspective in the Palestenian issue. The Aqsa will always be our compass towards victory which can be achieved by raising a determined and alert generation. This goal cannot be absent from our curricula and educational goals.
In High Level Academy we seek to enhance Faith in Allah SWT in the hearts of our students through fostering educational excellence along with Islamic morals and values.
We can’t promise perfection but we are committed to bring our students the educational experience that they deserve with dedication, determination and endless motivation.
We wish you a very prosporous and fruitful year.

Dr. Majdi AL- Darras
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