Student’s Academic System

The academy adopts the curriculum of the Ministry of Education for the Arabic language, Islamic Education, Sociology, Mathematics and Science. It also offers an advanced computer program that combines basic computer science and programming system, in addition to the English language curriculum that is adopted with high standards that would raise the level of our students in English Language.

The academy adopts the curriculum of the Ministry of Education for Arabic Language, Islamic Education and National Education, and adopts special curriculum that meets the standards of the accredited program in English language, Science, Math, Social studies and Business.

  • British Education Program (IGCSE)
  • The National Program

The IGCSE / GCE programs are based on British educational systems and are recognized and endorsed by Cambridge University and London University.

It is the program implemented in British schools and in international schools worldwide in both the Literary and Scientific streams.

The program consists of two levels; Ordinary (O- level/ IGCSE) and International Advanced Level (IAL/ GCE).

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education and the General Certificate of Education are conducted by Cambridge University and University of London. Both levels qualify students to enter Jordanian Universities.

The program is completed in four years of study; two years at the Ordinary level (O- level/ IGCSE) in grades 9 and 10, then another two years of International Advanced Level (IAL/ GCE) in grades 11 and 12. During the first two years of the program, grades 9 and 10, students must successfully complete six O- level subjects and in grades 10 and 11 two full A-level courses.

  • The national program starts in fifth grade.
  • The national program qualifies the student to pass Tawjihi exam through teaching (The Ministry of Education curriculum) with a focus on English language.

The 10th grade is considered the end of the primary education stage, then students can choose the stream that suits their interests and academic achievements , whether it was the scientific or the literary stream.


- The curriculum will be supported by the following enrichment  subjects :

  • ''A Story in My Bag'' project for fifth and sixth grades in Arabic and English: a program that seeks to strengthen the bond between the book and the student.  A story will be distributed weekly.  The student is to  read it  and summarize  it in  a specific form.
  • "My Book" project for students from 7-11 grades. A world-class novel or  a high-quality book in Arabic and another one in English will be allocated. Students should read these novels or books , analyze , and discuss them in a dedicated class.

The program of "Tarteel" for memorizing Qur'an: A program for memorizing  the Holy Quran, which aims to enhance  the love  for  the book of God, install pride in the hearts of students and promote good morals. The process of selecting the “AYAT”  considers the level of the targeted stage  in terms of simplicity of the Qur'anic terms and the subject given, so that it suits  the students'  mental and cognitive abilities.

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