The International Program

Students will follow the standards of Cambridge Primary (CP), so they can be able to pass the External Exam CIPP at the end of the fifth grade. They will study the following:

  • Math, Science, English , Social Studies, and Information Technology  in English.
  • Arabic Language and Islamic Education – in Arabic (as required by the Ministry of Education. )

Students will be prepared to the Checkpoint exam where the following basic courses will be given:

  •  The Ministry’s curricula of Arabic and Islamic Education.
  • Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, and Computer Science.

In addition to the basic subjects of the IGCSE program, the students will study other courses like Business and Economics that go along with the requirements of The Ministry of Education to accredit the international certificate. At the end of the tenth grade, students will take the O-Level exams.

Students will be given the basic subjects selected according to the specialization, which will qualify them to enter the various disciplines in universities inside and outside Jordan. By the end of these two stages, students will complete the As and A level exams.

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