Lower Primary Stage

Grades 1-4

At these stages, we aim to develop the various basic skills represented by:

Recognizing alphabet, giving students the skills of alphabet’s drawing and writing with a neat handwriting, guiding students to love reading and writing, getting students used to converse and express their images and drawings to release their existing language repertoire .

Gaining the skills of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication

Fine and gross motor skills to enhance self-reliance.

To introduce the student to the blessings of God and his grace on the student himself and his geographical and social environment, so as to improve the student’s relationship with those around him, and exploits God’s grace in creating plants and animals and many other blessings.

Introducing students to their rights and duties according to their age and installing love of their country, parents, and the environment around them .

Guiding students to love learning and righteous deeds and preparing them for future.


  • Islamic Education
  • Arabic Language
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies – The Ministry of Education curriculum.

Note: fourth graders do not study Math in Arabic.

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social study.

In Arabic Language:

  • Creative Reading Project.
  • Quran recitation program.

In English Language:

  • Accelerated Reading.
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