Counselling Department

Educational and psychological Counselling Department

The school environment is both physically and psychologically safe and healthy. The academy fully qualified and experienced Counsellors in both Primary and Secondary. Counselling is done individually, in small groups, or through whole class presentations.

Counselling empowers students through the ongoing practice of important skills that will remain with them for years to come, aiding them through their adolescent years.

Programs adopted by the counseling department:

Because we are a true family in our academy and because our students’ personal and academic development are our goals, the Academy has adopted a unique program for individual and intensive follow-up of students.

The program targets students from seventh to secondary stages. The parent teacher will be responsible for a group of students and reports any concern to the students’ affairs which in turn contacts the counseling department, teachers and parents for the benefit of the students.

A developmental program targeting the students of the Academy from the kindergarten through the ninth grades. It aims at developing the students’ self-abilities and communication skills and cultivate the values and customs that contribute to their future success.

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